Appliance Introductions

At Sharp, we want to get to know you—and your appliances. Our initial survey of your home and appliances helps us determine how to best provide for your propane needs, but those needs can change. With all the benefits of propane-powered appliances, we know you might be itching for an upgrade. However, adding new appliances to your main system can make big changes in the way that your household uses propane.

Even though many propane appliances are designed to be energy saving, it could take some adjustments on our end to make sure that you are getting the supply of propane you need to support them. Adding additional propane-powered appliances without notifying Sharp can result in interruption of service—something we can easily avoid with a proper heads up. So make sure to update us with your appliance information before you hook up that new grill, stove or water heater to the main propane system, and your service will continue smoothly.

Please call or email us to make sure your appliance info is up-to-date!

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