Are you ready for winter?

Can you feel that chill in the air? It might not be quite cold enough to crank up the heater just yet, but we’re cranking up the winter preparations here at Sharp. As we prepare for the propane season, there are a few things that you can do to help us get ready:

  • Maximize energy-efficiency in your home by checking for drafts, insulating your water heater, and inspecting your HVAC system and filters.
  • Limit use of high propane usage appliances, like pool and spa heaters, to conserve propane and energy in winter months.
  • Clear the area around your tank. There may or may not be snow this winter, but the easier it is for your technician to access your tank, the better.
  • Get familiar with your gauge. Learn to recognize when your propane supply is running low to alert us before your service is interrupted.

And if you’d like to go the extra step in winter preparedness, opt in to Easy Pay with Complete Care for a predictable monthly bill, even in the winter when your propane use is higher.

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