It's Spring - The Heat's Moving Outside

One of the great things about propane is its versatility. It warms your home, heats your water and fuels a range of appliances around the house. This spring, as propane takes a break from warming your home, the heat (and heating) moves outside as homeowners spend more time in the backyard enjoying outdoor kitchens, pools, Jacuzzis and more. With the safety and convenience of propane, backyard patios can be easily transformed into comfortable outdoor living spaces – perfect for backyard get-togethers, an evening glass of wine or peaceful relaxation by the pool.

If you’re considering turning your backyard into an outdoor living room, remember that Sharp Propane is available to help with the process. Whether you’re thinking about hooking up a grill to your household propane tank, installing a premium built-in cooking space, or setting up a propane line to heat your pool, the placement and installation of appliances and hookups are very important. Our service technicians are experts about how and where propane appliances should be set up, and they can install underground supply lines to run from your home’s primary tank to the outdoor kitchen, pool or spa. We’re also available to provide the location of propane lines before you begin landscaping and remodeling projects, and can convert outdoor appliances to run on propane, when necessary. Please remember, never attempt to convert appliances yourself, as it can lead to gas leaks and other safety complications.

So, this spring and summer, as the flowers and the fireflies come out to play, so can you and your family. To help get your outdoor living spaces up and running, give us a call at 1-800-932-4315 so you can spend your time thinking about what you’re going to whip up on the grill instead of the propane behind it.

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