Client Highlight: Austin Zoo

When you think about propane, you probably don’t think about tortoises. But for the Austin Zoo, one of our commercial clients, propane is an essential part of keeping the habitats of both animals and humans comfortable and warm. Located on the southwest edge of Austin, the Austin Zoo rescues and rehabilitates animals in need, and provides opportunities for the community to learn about and see these animals up close.

The Austin Zoo uses our propane for a variety of things, from powering the zoo house that is home to the on-site vet clinic and the live-in zookeeper, to heating the medical building where they take care of animals under vet care and where they keep new animals before they are introduced to the zoo. Even in the warmer summer months, some reptiles in this building require heated habitats, and our propane helps keep them cozy and comfortable.

In addition to the reptiles in the medical building, the brown lemur building at the zoo also uses Sharp Propane to power a heated wall that allows the lemurs to hang out indoors. And yes, even the zoo’s tortoises need our propane too—the tortoise barn relies on propane to keep the tortoises from getting chilly whenever the temperature drops below 60 degrees.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, the Austin Zoo is an Austin staple, and Sharp Propane has been with them for many of those years. So, the next time you are strolling around the zoo, know that we are behind the scenes to help make sure the animals are warm, happy and healthy.

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