Start Enjoying the Many Benefits of Easy Pay Today!

At Sharp Propane, we’d like nothing more than for you to start enjoying the many benefits of Easy Pay. We understand that life can be unpredictable, but your propane bill shouldn’t have to be. Signing up for Easy Pay would remove any surprises on your statement- especially during the coldest winter months. Renting a tank from us? No problem. We’ll divide your annual estimated propane usage and tank rental fee into even, consistent monthly bills for the year. Sharp’s 7 point Safety Check for new Complete Care customers allows our proficient technicians to calculate your estimated annual usage. We’ll then spread out your fuel cost over the course of the year. This ensures that no matter how much propane you use in the summer versus the winter, you can expect the same bill each month. Each year, we’ll recalculate your balance, and any remaining balance or credit can be rolled over into the next year’s monthly payment. Turn your propane deliveries into predictable monthly statements with Easy Pay. Check your mail box in May

Easy pay is an exclusive benefit of being a Complete Care customer; there is no fee to sign up. To learn more or to add Easy Pay to your account, give us a call today at 1-800-932-4315.

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