Hop Into Spring

When the world is filled with sunlight, we know that spring has begun. Everything comes back to life after winter; the flowers begin to bloom and the world decorates itself with amazing colors. We’d like to share a couple of ideas to maintain your propane system and keep it up and running without any complications. Sharp Propane would like to remind homeowners that there are several things that need to be done in the spring to avoid any service interruptions. So what can you do this spring to maintain your propane system running without any issues? We’d like to share the following tips to help homeowners with their spring cleaning efforts:

  • Maintain your yard. Be sure to remove any combustible vegetation such as long, dry grass, wood, or debris, within 10 feet of your propane tank.
  • Clean spaces around your water heaters, furnaces, fire places, space heaters and dryers, as well as, areas under cellar stairs.
  • Call before you dig! Before you start to dig to plant your spring flowers, new trees, or for any other reason, call 811 to have your utility lines marked.
  • If you have appliances that have not been used since last fall, such as a gas-fired pool heater or gas grill, have the system inspected by a qualified service technician before use. Moreover, have your system inspected by a Propane Professional if you made or will make any changes of any kind to your propane system.
  • Check the battery on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Is your propane tank looking a bit faded this spring? We recommend a regular cleaning, perhaps annually, to prevent any build up. The easiest way to clean your propane tank is using a garden hose and a brush; this method will eliminate light dirt and grim. If you're looking to clean your propane tank this spring, we can help! Call Sharp Propane today at 1-800-932-4315 to learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment with a Propane Professional- charges may apply.

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