Get to Know Your Tank

How To Read Your Tank Gauge

The propane tank gauge is arguably one of the most important parts of a propane tank, as it lets you know how much propane is currently available in the tank, and helps you calculate how many gallons of propane remain. In order to allow room for gas expansion, propane tanks are considered full between 80-90% depending on the weather.

Weather and lifestyle choices heavily impact propane usage – which we think about when estimating our delivery schedule. And while we do everything we can to make sure you have propane when you need it, it does help to be aware of your propane use as well. Use this table to help estimate how many gallons your tank has available, and if you are concerned about your propane level, just give Sharp a call when your gauge is close to 20% so we can make sure to schedule service for you soon.


Appliance Usage Rates

Different propane appliances use different amounts of propane – some much more than others. Pool heaters and outdoor spas, for example, plow through your propane supply, while a propane clothes dryer goes through propane much more slowly.

For each of our customers, we take the number and kind of propane appliances used in the home into account when estimating propane usage and deliveries. But here’s the breakdown of some of the most common propane appliance’s usage rates.


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