Going Above and Beyond Propane

At Sharp Propane, we know you depend on propane virtually every day. Whether it’s heating a home or powering a business, our propane is behind the scenes working to keep these propane systems – and, by extension our customers lives – running smoothly. Propane has to work its hardest during these winter months, and because of that, so do we. Our drivers and technicians are out on the job more often during this time of year, making sure you have the propane you need and that your propane system is in top working condition.

During this busy season, we would like to take a moment to recognize our employees for going above and beyond to help our customers; often, our Propane Professionals work through weekends and holidays to make deliveries, installations and repairs.

We’ve received letters of customer praise for the work our technicians have done, including this one from Cynthia N. about one of our delivery drivers in La Grange: “My husband mentioned that we tried all day yesterday to light the pilot on our heater. Mike offered to take a look at it for us. He came in and had us up and running in five minutes. We believe he went above and beyond the requirements of his job and think he should receive a good word for his efforts.”

We believe that propane is a service, and the dedication of our drivers, technicians, customer service representatives and the other employees that help our customers is how we show it. Outstanding, ongoing service is perhaps the best product we have to offer.

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