Sharp's Complete Care®

Taking care of our customers is how we do business at Sharp Propane. We know that propane can come with additional concerns and worries, so we created our Complete Care package to make your propane service as seamless and convenient as possible.

The five components of Complete Care complement one another to provide a whole service package. Our Always There™ Guarantee means that should an issue with your propane arise, you can give us a call day or night, any day of the year, and we will be there to fix it. Additionally, we use Smart Monitoring to track and predict your propane usage so we can deliver propane when you need it, with minimal thought or effort on your part. Those deliveries work as a part of Auto Fill, our way of ensuring that propane deliveries are accurate and based on your individual needs rather than a set schedule. And even with this flexible delivery, your billing doesn’t have to be unpredictable, thanks to Easy Pay. With Easy Pay, you can spread your payments out over a 12 month period rather than paying by delivery, so there are never any surprises, especially during the winter months. Safety Check is the final element of the Complete Care package, and is always one of our top priorities. All new customers receive a thorough 7-point Safety Check, as well as in-person instruction and additional safety documentation and detailed Safety Check report, to ensure that every step of the way you have safe and reliable service.

With Complete Care, we’ve thought of virtually all your propane needs, so you don’t have to. For more information or to sign up today, give us a call!

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