Sharp Propane Special Contributor: “A Tank”

I have a pretty satisfying job. This past year, I heated a home. Everything relies on me. The stove calls me his sous chef. The shower and I have a warm relationship. You know how the pool’s December was? Toasty. He even got swam in. Best holiday season of his life. I made a fire pit blossom.

But I don’t want to rest on my laurels. I get a little help from my friends. For example, the good people at Sharp Propane use something called an algorithm to know when I'm running low on propane. Then, Hector comes and gives me an Auto Fill. I am completely cared for, and it lets me enjoy the finer things of being a tank. I get to bring the pool to life – in the dead of winter, I cook up steaks – stove or grill. And the best part is, through all of it, I don’t have to move but an inch. Valve open, valve close. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard, especially in the winter, but I have support, I have Complete Care and I’m always here to provide.

So in this new year, I give unto you tidings of great propane. Happy 2016.

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