Ways to warm up winter

Warmth. It’s what we do. But there are many ways to get warm without propane. Now you might be thinking, “What are you guys doing? You’re not about to start plugging electricity, are you?” Not unless you’re talking about an electric blanket. We wanted, given the season, to share with you what warmth means to us. So here they are – ways to warm up your winter.

Hot chocolate.There are many recipes out there. Here’s an unexpected ingredient in one of them: Salt. Salt? You bet. Whether you buy cocoa mix at the store or make a recipe passed down through generations, once you’ve poured the final product, or mixed it into a mug, add a pinch of salt. It’ll open up the complexities of the cocoa, giving it a fuller, rounder flavor. And, most importantly, it’ll warm you from the inside out.

Jumping jacks.Yeah, it’s old school, like gym class old school, but it’s a way to get warm while being active. So pop up and show us some starfish. Make coach proud.

Blanket.It sounds obvious, but we’re talking about your blanket. Your ‘After I do some jumping jacks I’m going to curl up with a warm mug of hot chocolate with salt and watch my favorite movie’ blanket. Can’t beat that.

Donate.It can be anything from food and clothing, to your time. They’ll all give you the warm-fuzzies.

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