Who is Hector Vicenty? He is consistency. He is Complete Care. He is this quarter’s Propane Professional®

An 11-year Sharp veteran and an industry professional for twice as long, Hector Vicenty has been delivering gases to the masses for over two decades. As much a technical expert as he is a delivery driver, Hector is familiar with 2 a.m. house calls, going so far as to fix a propane problem for a non-Sharp customer in the dead of winter. (They’re a Sharp customer now.)

Hector believes taking care of a home propane system is pretty simple. “Let us do what we do, we’re good at it.” He says the most common propane problem is residents not checking their gauge, or underestimating their usage—especially pool owners. It’s a simple fix, though. With Complete Care, Smart Monitoring will notify Sharp and set up an Auto Fill delivery.

When Hector started at Sharp, we were a small ‘mom and pop’ company. As we’ve grown our personnel and expertise, so has Hector. Married for 22 years to his high school sweetheart, when Hector’s not out being superman for propane families, he is a super-family-man at home. He and his wife Jennifer have three teenagers. “I like to watch my kids. Two are wrestlers, I love watching that.” Hector himself enjoys softball. “It isn’t soft,” he says, “it’s hard.” Hector also likes to fish when he has time for himself, which is great to hear, because we sure know how much time he spends helping others.

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