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Easy Pay

Convenient, Predictable Monthly Billing Puts You in Charge.

Life can be unpredictable. Your propane bill shouldn't have to be.

Sign Up for Easy Pay™ and say goodbye to surprises on your statement.

Convenience: Pay per month, not per delivery

Predictability: No Surprises on your monthly bill - especially during the coldest winter months

Here’s how it works:

Sharp’s thorough Safety Check™ inspection for new Complete Care customers (or actual usage data from our Smart Monitoring technology for existing customers) allows our experienced service technicians to calculate your estimated annual usage. We’ll then divide your annual estimated propane usage and tank rental fee into even, predictable monthly bills for the year.

Each year, we’ll recalculate your balance, and any remaining balance or credit can be rolled over into the next year’s monthly payment.

Easy Pay is an exclusive benefit of being a Complete Care™ customer; there is no fee to sign up. To learn more or add Easy Pay to your account, give us a call today: 1-800-932-4315

24 hours a day, 7 days a week Sharp is always there for our Complete Care® customers.

Take two minutes and tell us what you need. We promise to get right back to you.

  1. Safety experts that set the standard for the industry
  2. Monitors your usage and weather patterns using the latest technology
  3. Concerned about meeting your needs, not sticking to a rigid routing schedule
  4. Never tops off your tank if you don’t need it
  5. Always picks up the phone to hear your concerns and answer your questions
  6. Delivers superior service with a smile
  7. Is easy to do business with
  8. Offers flexibility in delivery and payment options
  9. Respects you, your family, your home and property
  10. Offers a guarantee of service 24/7