Our Services

Homeowners, businesses and builders have come to rely on Sharp Propane for superior propane service.

Each day, The Propane Professionals® at Sharp focus their energy on setting the standard for safety in the industry, and ensuring that all tank and equipment installations are of the highest quality and completed on time. We go beyond the call to make sure our service is the best in the business.

Our two primary service offerings are:

Complete Care is our premier residential and commercial propane service and includes our Always ThereTM Guarantee, which ensures your peace of mind should any problem ever arise with your propane system day or night, 365 days a year.

Builder Care is our program for new propane system installations, and involves more than just setting a tank.  We help our builder partners deliver safe, reliable and energy efficient propane homes beginning with the initial designs all the way through project completion and move-in.


Take two minutes and tell us what you need. We promise to get right back to you.