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Sharp Propane Realtor Outreach Program Fosters Relationships, Engages, Educates Realtors about Propane

Program creates value-add for realtors through education, complimentary safety inspections on tanks and appliances

Bastrop, Texas – March 5, 2014 – Like most professional industries, the propane industry is related to and dependent upon a number of other industries, including homebuilders, realtors and construction professionals. Propane companies have a propane-centric knowledge base and expertise these related industries do not have, and sharing this information is a good practice, as it positions propane companies as a resource and develops mutually beneficial relationships between industries.

For Sharp Propane – an independent propane retailer in Austin, College Station, Fort Worth and La Grange – sharing expertise with realtors has become one of the company’s priorities. Over the past year, Sharp has developed and implemented a Realtor Outreach Program that strategically connects the company with local realtors in many ways in order to open up the conversation about how Sharp Propane and realtors can work together to achieve positive results for both parties.

Some of the ways that Sharp Propane connects with realtors include realtor-related events, realtor networking and continuing education opportunities. Events Sharp has planned in 2014 include: sponsorship of the February 12th Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors Awards Luncheon; a number of networking happy hours Sharp is sponsoring in Fort Worth throughout 2014; and periodic “lunch and learns” throughout Sharp Propane service areas that serve as continuing education courses, where realtors learn about the benefits of propane and propane safety. These events serve a practical purpose for the realtors, as they are able to walk away with relevant information that allows them to be a better resource for their customers.

“These kinds of events are great ways for us to get in front of realtors because it puts us top of mind and opens the door for us to share what we know with them,” Sharp Propane CEO Steve McKay said. “We want to build these relationships so we can educate people about propane, and so they see that a Sharp-powered home is a value-add for both the realtors themselves and for new homeowners.”

Sharp Propane also connects with realtors through Sharp-branded Realtor and New Homeowner Kits which explain some of the most important aspects about living in a propane home. Most importantly, Sharp Propane offers complimentary safety inspections on any propane-powered home located in one of their areas of operation.

Homeowners who are unfamiliar with propane often have hesitancies and misconceptions about living with propane that can be easily prevented with the right kind of information and education about propane safety and best practices. By offering realtors complimentary safety checks, Sharp can alleviate homeowners’ worries about propane and can help realtors sell these homes.

Realtors all over Sharp Propane service areas have taken them up on the offer, including Austin-area realtor Ron Rougeux with Zip Realty, who had Sharp perform a safety check on a home he sold in Dripping Springs this winter.

“These people had no prior experience with propane before the home in Dripping,” Rougeux said. “We had a Sharp technician come out to do an inspection of the tank and in less than 30 minutes, the homeowners left feeling confident and more comfortable with their propane tank. What Sharp is doing is huge for us as realtors. Being able to say, ‘look, we’ll have an actual propane company come out and inspect the tank before you purchase,’ that’s a huge value-add.”

By connecting with local realtors and by making themselves a resource for these influencers, Sharp Propane ensures the longevity of their company, and their place as an industry-leader. Few companies take such an active role in fostering relationships with realtors, and even fewer take this relationship into the digital realm, which LP Gas Magazine focuses on in a recent blog post about Sharp Propane.

Sharp Propane has oriented all aspects of their company to making propane as simple and easy as possible, for homeowners, and realtors too – because propane is what they do, what they love, and they want others to understand and appreciate the fuel as much as they do.

About Sharp Propane
For more than 60 years, Sharp Propane has been supplying safe, energy-efficient propane and tanks all over Texas. Sharp Propane is a leading service provider of residential and commercial propane systems, providing customers an environmentally-friendly, safe, and reliable energy source for the way they live and work. The Propane Professionals at Sharp are focused on putting customers first and setting industry standards for safety and service. Founded in 1949 in Smithville, Texas, Sharp is one of the largest propane dealers in the United States and the largest independent retailer of propane in Texas. Sharp is headquartered in Bastrop, Texas with operations also in Austin, Bryan, Fort Worth, and La Grange, Texas.


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