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Dealing With Sudden Propane Gas Venting – A Hot Summer Issue For Homeowners

Sharp shares simple precautionary steps to minimize temperature-related issues with propane tanks

BASTROP, Texas – In response to the recent triple-digit temperatures and the exceptionally dry summer in Central Texas, Sharp Propane, the largest independent propane distributor and retailer in Texas, is sharing a number of tips for the efficient and safe operation of propane tanks with Central Texas businesses and homeowners.

Some homeowners and businesses using propane tanks may experience sudden gas venting due to an excessive buildup of pressure within these tanks. Propane tanks are heat-sensitive and can build pressure when placed in direct sunlight.

Tank pressure can increase even when safe measures are followed. If excess pressure causes a tank’s safety valve to release, customers are advised to call Sharp Propane immediately and a professional will come to address the issue. Hosing the tank with a low-pressure garden hose can help cool the tank and temporarily reduce pressure; customers are advised to water their propane tank only if they feel that it is safe to do so and should never approach a venting tank with an open flame such as a lit cigarette.

Above-ground tanks are often painted to correspond with the building or property; however, darker colored tanks will heat quickly and should be avoided. Painting tanks a reflective color, such as white, tan or silver, helps to minimize the effects of heat absorption and the corresponding increase in internal pressure of the gas. If customers are interested in having their propane tanks painted a safer, more reflective color or repainting tanks with rusted exteriors, Sharp Propane can schedule a Propane Professional® to provide this service.

In conditions that include dry weather and record-breaking temperatures, Central Texas grass and vegetation is more susceptible to fire and combustion. For added safety, Sharp Propane recommends clearing the area around, above and below your propane tank. All tall, dry grass; dead shrubs; fallen leaves, and branches should be removed along with any litter that may have accumulated. This reduces the risk of fire and also ensures that the propane tank is accessible to service or delivery personnel. In the worst case, an unforeseen emergency, a cleared area around the tank will make it safer and easier for emergency personnel.

Keeping the Sharp Propane phone number at hand is the final measure that should be taken to ensure propane safety, no matter the temperature or the season. Sharp continues to be a trusted resource for first responders dealing with propane issues. Sharp Propane Headquarters was an emergency contact during the September wildfires of 2011. The company branches respond to leaks and other local emergencies. Customers can always reach Sharp Propane by phone at 800-932-4315 or for non-emergency needs by email at Sharp Propane is available for all emergencies 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.

About Sharp Propane

For more than 60 years, Sharp Propane has been supplying safe, energy-efficient propane and tanks to Central Texas. Sharp Propane is a leading service provider of residential and commercial propane systems providing customers an environmentally-friendly, safe, and reliable energy source for the way they live and work. The Propane Professionals® at Sharp are focused on putting customers first and setting industry standards for safety and service. Founded in 1949 in Smithville, Texas, Sharp is one of the largest propane dealers in the United States and the largest independent retailer of propane in Texas. Sharp is headquartered in Bastrop, Texas with operations also in Austin; Bryan, Fort Worth; and La Grange, Texas.

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