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What is your role at Sharp?

I have been with sharp propane for five years and I am a Customer Care representative (CCR) for Fort Worth. As a CCR, I answer questions and make sure our team is ready to respond. Like all CCRs at sharp, we do much more than answer the phone and are intimately involved with every aspect of customer service – from delivery and billing, to safety and tank maintenance. We’re closely connected to our service technicians and delivery drivers and what they’re doing at all times, so we can always stay a step ahead in serving our customers.

What would you like people to know about you?

I’m a propane user myself, so I understand how important it is to have a reliable energy source and a good company delivering it. At Sharp, we supply the energy source for people’s homes, and we take that very seriously. This is a personal business, and it’s important to us to get to know our customers. I’m proud of the fact that I know all my customers on a first name basis.

What do you like about the new Complete Care Program?

We all live hectic lives. The last thing you want to deal with when you get home is checking your tank or wondering if you’ve paid your latest propane bill. The bottom line is, Complete Care is easy. We make sure your system is sound when we do the Safety Check, and we monitor your tank level with our smart monitoring technology. We deliver only when you need it, and as part of the easy pay program, you get one predictable bill per month.

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