Safety & Service Standards

Sharp Sets the Standard for Safety & Service

Sharp’s safety program was developed by experienced safety professionals from research, industry guidelines, and the 100+ years’ combined experience of our propane professionals. As the foundation of our commitment to our customers, our safety management protocols have set new industry standards of safety, responsibility and thoroughness in propane delivery and services. Several of our standards and procedures have been adopted industry-wide as mandatory regulations.

As propane professionals, we hold ourselves to stringent standards concerning the installation, operation and inspection of equipment, preventative maintenance and testing, and delivery of propane. We comply with all federal, state, and local regulations, including the Administration/Department of Transportation (FMC/DOT), Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), Texas LP-Gas Safety Rules, and OSHA. Our own high safety standards are upheld through the continuity and ongoing commitment to education of each Sharp professional.

Every Sharp team member is highly trained and certified to uphold each of Sharp’s safety standards:

Sharp Propane’s Safety & Service Standard’s At-A-Glance

Safe Driving Procedures
  • No smoking while driving
  • No use of cell phones for any reason
  • Daily visual inspection of delivery vehicle
  • Defensive driving
Emergency Procedures
  • 24 hour call and response
  • Testing of emergency shutoff valves
  • Formal leak check procedures
  • Regular inspection of vehicle emergency shutdown systems
Safe Delivery & Fill Procedures
  • Trucks always secured with blocks during fill
  • No smoking
  • No unattended fills
  • Visual inspection of propane system at each fill
  • Service interruption procedures (turning the gas back on safely)
  • Respect for customer property and landscaping

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