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Smart Monitoring

Sophisticated Computer Modeling of Your Usage

Our smart monitoring technology allows us to automatically schedule you for a delivery when your tank needs it.

At Sharp we monitor your past usage, factoring in weather-based algorithms, and compare your actual tank level to our predictions, making any adjustments necessary for the most accurate fill possible all year long.

How Does Smart Monitoring Work?

Sharp uses a sophisticated computer model to estimate your tank level based on your past usage and the actual weather in your area. When your tank reaches a predefined threshold (usually about 20-30% full), we automatically schedule you for a delivery.

But before we fill your tank, we record the actual tank level and compare it to our prediction - making continual adjustments to ensure the accuracy of our forecasts. This means that our system gets more accurate the longer you are a Complete Care customer.

Now that’s smart.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week Sharp is always there for our Complete Care® customers.

Take two minutes and tell us what you need. We promise to get right back to you.

  1. Safety experts that set the standard for the industry
  2. Monitors your usage and weather patterns using the latest technology
  3. Concerned about meeting your needs, not sticking to a rigid routing schedule
  4. Never tops off your tank if you don’t need it
  5. Always picks up the phone to hear your concerns and answer your questions
  6. Delivers superior service with a smile
  7. Is easy to do business with
  8. Offers flexibility in delivery and payment options
  9. Respects you, your family, your home and property
  10. Offers a guarantee of service 24/7