Our Services

We’re not like other propane companies. We’re The Propane Professionals.

At Sharp we understand that service is about much more than delivering propane gas to your tank. Our propane professionals go beyond industry requirements, holding ourselves to higher standards of safety, reliability and customer care to always put your comfort first.

Having a propane professional on your side means peace of mind that the company delivering your propane understands the way you live, and is going to provide a reliable, safe energy source in a manner that is straightforward, consistent and service-oriented.

It means we’re always available, ready to take your questions, watching your tank so you don’t have to, and measuring our success by your satisfaction.

As one of the most trusted names in propane, Sharp has been providing safe, reliable and convenient propane energy solutions to Texans for more than 60 years. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss a better way to get propane.

The Propane Professionals Checklist

  • Safety - We don’t just follow safety regulations; we set the new industry standard. Our staff are the most highly-trained, certified and thorough professionals in the industry.
  • Comfort - Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priority. We’re passionate about delivering propane to your home with accuracy, integrity and a service-oriented attitude.
  • Care - You can always expect professionalism and a friendly voice on the other line whenever you need us. We respect your property, your budget and your time, and view each delivery as an opportunity to provide you excellent service.
  • Convenience - You shouldn’t have to think about the logistics of propane. We monitor, route, and deliver economically and efficiently, providing propane service only when you need it – accurately and on time, every time.

Take two minutes and tell us what you need. We promise to get right back to you.

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